Funding your account

Once you create your password and complete the "How should we invest for you" profile you are ready to fund your new account. 

The fastest (and free) way to do this is:

  • Login to your folio account using our client center
  • On your home screen select the Account Quick Links drop down and choose "TRANSFER MONEY"
  • Select deposit type "EFT Initiated here" and follow instructions.
Folio will make two small deposits in your bank account which you can then verify by:
  • Logging in to your folio account using our client center
  • Clicking on "Items for attention"
  • Entering the two small deposits
* NOTE: You should only use a checking account in your name
You can also fund your account in the following ways:
  • Wire transfer (bank fees apply)
  • Paper check
  • Direct Deposit